Spa Services

What’s in a facial?

If you are new to having face treatments at a Day Spa, here is a quick guide to what happens during the process: see What’s in a facial?

What’s a Swedish Massage?

A Swedish or Relaxation Massage is one of the core services offered at Day Spas. Here is a guide to the performance of this kind of massage. see What’s a Swedish Massage

Body Wraps and Scrubs

Part 3 of our series of services in the Day Spa is looking at the body. Here is a guide to wraps and scrubs for your whole self… see Body Wraps and Scrubs

Hand Treatment (Manicure)

“The biggest mistake people make is forgetting how important our hands are. They are the first things that give away your age (no matter how young your face may look!) and like it or not, they are difficult to disguise or cover up and are always in the spotlight.” see Hand Treatment (Manicure)

Feet Treatment (Pedicure)

Walking around on tired or sore feet? Maybe your nails are a bit ingrown? Time for a pedicure… see Feet Treatment (Pedicure)

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