Soul Sista Massage, North Carlton

by Glenn Reynolds

Day Spa Review

Soul Sista Massage

Location and facilities
It was pouring with rain as I arrived on my bike, so it was a welcome relief to enter the waiting area of Soul Sista Massage (once trading as Crabtree Urban Spa). Based in a nice terrace building on leafy Rathdowne Street, it is a superb location for a day spa. The village atmosphere of the shops here in North Carlton is wonderful, having all of the right combinations for a leisurely afternoon savouring delights of food, wine and book browsing options, not to mention the day spa therapies. Having just moved into the new premises, there was still work to be done, but my therapist, Cat, warmly introduced herself and we proceeded to the therapy room. Left to get unchanged, I noticed the soft ambient music was Hawaiian, it’s lulling rhythms and smooth sound a great enhancement to the room. The rooms themselves were pretty straightfoward for a therapy suite. It’s a bit hard to judge how they will end up looking, as the place was still being set up.

Quality of Spa Experience
hot stone massage at Soul Sista MassageVery soon my massage had started, and I was transported to a very blissful place, relaxing deeply into the process. I’d never experienced the Ka Huna practice of body massage, so it was fascinating to feel the process unfold. It’s a very fluid style, using the forearms and hands to stroke consistently up and down the areas of the body, giving a connectedness to the therapy. It was very smooth, moving from one zone to the next without breaking the relaxing mood. Cat was able to exert a great amount of pressure during the massage, getting right into the tight spots and relieving tension nicely.

Cat added some Hot Stone Therapy to the routine, which is always welcome in my opinion. It’s a great way to apply deeper heat therapy in specific locations, as well as get a deeper pressure on the muscles without using much force from the therapist. It’s a great combination with a relaxation massage.

Ka Huna technique is a patented form of physical therapy, learned exclusively in small training sessions with the master. Based on principles of using the body for developing pressure in the strokes, Ka Huna makes use of forearms to provide leverage and smooth application of strokes to the body, offering a deep pressure, but in a fluid motion that allows the therapist to move in and out of tense areas without causing discomfort.

The massage was superbly performed. I felt extremely relaxed and supple at the end of the session, suitably impressed by the style and technique of my therapist. I’d have to say that it was one of the best massages that I’ve ever had. It was a total delight.

Ka Huna Bodywork with Hot Stone Therapy

Superb, relaxing massage with deep heat therapy. Great therapist.

Small list of offerings. No water therapies.

3 Facilities

3 Products

5 Proficiencies

Rating 4 for spa therapies
Total: 15/20 “A superb therapy of massage and hot stones in a relaxing village location.”

“Tell them that you read it at Great Spa Search!”

Type of spa: Day Spa

Address: 550 Rathdowne Street, North Carlton
Tel: 0413 941 906

Wallet Rating:
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Opening hours:
Soul Sista Massage is only open
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 10am till late.
Please Note: By appointment only.

Skincare brands available:
Dr Hauschka

*Please Note: This treatment was provided to us at no cost by Soul Sista Massage for the purposes of review. Although complimentary, this is no way affected the outcome of the review. Our policy is to inform readers of any services provided free of charge.

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