Wattleseed & Walnut Resurfacing
Skin Cream

by Glenn Reynolds

from Aurora Spa Rituals product range

Opaque and quite gritty, this product utilises ground ingredients to provide the exfoliating texture, in combination with enzymatic action of the tropical fruits. Softening this resurfacing action, the creamy luscious feel of the product, which includes Aloe Vera, to hydrate the skin.

Aurora Spa Rituals Wattleseed & Walnut Resurfacing Cream

It applies quite nicely useful after a body cleanser, with gentle exfoliation from the coarse texture, while not too scratchy or rough. Very subtle aromas of tropical fruits like papaya and pineapple, with savoury notes from seeds and walnuts. Cleans off nicely.

Aurora Spa Rituals Wattleseed & Walnut Resurfacing Skin CreamContains Vitamin E and essential oils to give extra benefits to the skin.
Packaging gives hints to its environmental credentials, with a wooden cap over clean recycleable plastic, to spa jazz up the aesthetic. A nice touch. What they use in the fabulous Aurora Spa Retreat is exactly what you get in this product.

According to the label, it’s Australian owned and made, against animal testing and earth friendly. They do not use synthetic fragrances, or colour, sulfates, glycols, pegs or parabens.

Useful as part of a cleansing and moisturising routine that includes:
Grapefruit & Seaweed Invigorating Body Cleanser
followed by the Ultra Rich Body Cream

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Aurora Spa Rituals are available for sale at the Aurora Spa Retreat,
or through Mecca Cosmetica.

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