One Wellness and Spa, Canada

by Glenn Reynolds

One Wellness and Spa

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One Wellness & Spa is located in one of the world’s greatest outdoor playgrounds – the Canadian Rocky Mountains, in Canmore, Alberta. Canmore is known as one of Canada’s leading health and wellness destinations because of its affinity for healthy living, its deep pool of health and wellness practitioners, its connection to professional sport and training facilities and four season amenities. A short and scenic 45-minute drive from Calgary, Canmore is a base camp to some of the world’s best outdoor recreation – some of the best golfing, cross-country skiing, hiking, mountain biking and more.

One Wellness & Spa was born out of the connection to the Town of Canmore – the people and the principles that encompass total wellness. One Wellness & Spa offers an innovative approach to health and wellness – changing the traditional “passive” spa experience into an integrated, active experience, making it one of the only wellness facilities that focus on taking the concept of unlimited well-being to new heights.

Each guest’s point of entry into the One Wellness & Spa experience is based on how they are feeling and their current level of energy. Therapeutic experiences are designed base on the guest’s desired outcome, ranging from self-care to recovery to personal growth, and are catalysts for health-driven results that inspire a shift or transformation towards unlimited well-being and feeling One.

Services include: Life Strategy Coaching, Pathways to Engagement Bodywork and Facials, Strength & Performance Body work, Personalized Massage, Physiotherapy, Personal Training, Pilates, and Yoga. Beauty Services include: Facials, Scrubs & Wraps, and Nail Care.

One Wellness & Spa is the official spa of Solara Resort & Spa, which is owned and operated by Bellstar Hotels and Resorts – Western Canada’s leading purveyor of boutique resorts.

One Wellness and Spa
187 Kananaskis Way, Canmore, Alberta Canada T1W 0A3

Tel: 1.403.679.7179
Toll Free: 1.855.590.4900
Fax: 1.403.678.8898

Sauna at One Wellness and Spa, Canada

Lounge at One Wellness and Spa

One Wellness and Spa, Canada

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