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Man, what a fuss!

by Glenn Reynolds

WINTER can be a killer for your skin and it is mostly due to heaters.

1. Dryness
2. Flakiness
3. Irritation
4. Dehydration
5. Fine Lines and Wrinkles.

Man, what a fuss! Vichy ShowerMan, What A Fuss’ Body Revival and Vichy Shower treatment is the best way to combat the above concerns.
The Body Revival and Vichy Shower treatment is performed with dead sea salt under the cascading waters of our vichy shower, leaving your skin revived and nourished, not only is it the best treatment they have…it’s completely relaxing.

Book in now for the month of August and they will give you a Vichy Shower and Body Revival treatment normally valued at $120.00 for just $80.00.
They will also give you a complimentary Express Facial to combat dryness and revive the skin on your face, normally $25.00

That’s $145.00 worth of Spa pampering for just $80.00

Book in by calling 03 9642 3860 or email at lookgood@manwhatafuss.com

But be quick as limited appointments are available!

Read a review of the Vichy Shower and Body Revival here.

Man, what a fuss!

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