A Tea Party Invitation from Miss Fox Melbourne

by Glenn Reynolds

Miss Fox Melbourne

Miss Fox Melbourne

MISS FOX will be celebrating your un-birthday with a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party next Saturday

On a golden afternoon, young Alice follows a White Rabbit, who disappears into a nearby rabbit hole in Little Collins Street. Quickly following him, she skips up the stairs – and enters the merry, topsy-turvy world of MISS FOX Wonderland!

By order of the Royal Queen of Hearts, MISS FOX, you are hereby summoned to attend:

Place: MISS FOX’s glamorous lair, at 285 Little Collins Street, Wonderland.
Tea Time: Saturday 25th June, at 2pm sharp.
Attire: Whimsical. For example, wear your fanciest hat, shoes or head.
Cost: A mere $60.
RSVP: Respond to the Queen promptly, or it will be OFF with your head!

Group bookings are most welcome.

What will your very merry UN-birthday entail?

Only MISS FOX is privy to that highly sensitive information! Rest assured, you will be manicured, entertained, preened, fed and watered accordingly! Curiouser and curiouser indeed…
To celebrate this delightful experience MISS FOX will be launching our new signature Gemstone cocktail in collaboration with the fanciful Madame Brussels. What fun!

How do I get in?

Email katiew@missfox.com.au or call her on 0406 344 322 for your tea party ticket. VERY LIMITED spots available!! Prepayment required to secure your place. Post Haste!

And remember: The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday – but never jam today.


Read more about Miss Fox here.

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