Spa Samsara, Brighton

by Glenn Reynolds

Day Spa Review

I was completely mesmerised. Maybe it was slightly hypnotic, too. It was definitely like nothing I’d ever experienced before. However, I need to backtrack a little.

Arriving at Spa Samsara, I was welcomed by the manager, Carly and given a guided tour of the facilities. Asian colours and features enhanced the interior design, providing an interesting visual distinction to an otherwise standard spa layout. A small lounge area in the entry is used for appointments with an Ayurvedic practitioner who comes into the spa on a regular basis. This was my hint for the underlying philosophy of the spa, using the traditions and ingredients in Ayurvedic healing to infuse the spa therapies with a somewhat unique flavour. I say somewhat, as the spa down the road, Uspa Immersion has similar influences.

Spa Samsara is an intimate spa, with 4 treatment rooms and a small lounge at the end. Muted warm tones throughout, the spa has low ambient lighting, Indian inspired deorative flourishes and the minimum you would expect in spa furnishing. Two rooms are equipped with showers, while one of these doubles as a steam room.

Quality of Spa Experience

Led to my treatment by Jila, my therapist, I was treated to a lush whole body massage, starting with lashings of hot oil to warm the muscles, and allow copious lubrication. I was delighted with the massage, amongst the squelches of Jila’s hands. She deftly worked through the massage, moving with smooth assured confidence and depth of pressure. Noise was kept to a minimum, with quiet instrumental music and the occasional whispered instruction from Jila. It was delightfully relaxing.

The final therapy was like nothing I’d experienced. I was lying supine with my head directly under a bowl of oil. This treatment is called Shirodhara and the therapist gently pours oil onto your forehead for regular intervals. In between Jila performed a scalp massage. The sensation was quite extraordinary: soothing, warm and gently focused movement of the oil across the scalp. I found it very difficult to stay awake and I’m sure I drifted off in micronaps. I found the treatment quite mesmerising, I was completely relaxed by the end of the session, and a little surprised at how sensational the oil treatment was.

Feeling my hair soaked with oil, I had anticipated having to wash it out before leaving the spa. To my dismay, I found that a shower was not available, and I had to try to relax in the lounge and leave for my next appointment with towel dried oily hair. I must admit that I left feeling self-conscious, oily hair plastered all over my head. It was a slightly disconcerting end to an otherwise truly relaxing experience.

PLEASE NOTE: Spa Samsara manager has assured me “that clients can absolutely have a shower after their treatment if they so wish, but we always recommend that the client leave the oils on to gain the most benefit from them and their therapeutic herbal components. The sesame oil in particular is extremely beneficial due to its healing and tonic effect on the nervous system and brain tissues – traditionally the oil would be left on the head for several hours after the Shirodhara treatment.”

Ayurvedic Awakening
90min $170

They Say: “Ayurvedic Awakenening – One of our Exotic Ritual journeys, beginning with a full body massage using Ayurvedic herbal oils, followed by an Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatment and scalp massage, to heal and calm the Nervous System and instill a deep state of peace and relaxation. This treatment is based on a cornerstone Ayurvedic protocol for treating any illness in the body, and is quite often prescribed as a preparation for the more intensive therapies that come with Panchakarma (Ayurvedic detox and regeneration treatment system).”

We Say: A thoroughly relaxing combination of massage and mesmerising oil treatment that creates a sense of calm and even sleepiness. Not sure of the healing effects, though.

Quiet, intimate atmosphere, inspiration from natural healing traditions.

Lack of shower after heavy oil treatment. No real water treatments other than steam room and showers.

Total: 15/20 “A very relaxing spa experience with elements of Indian healing traditions.”

Type of spa: Day Spa

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Address: 246 Bay Street, Brighton
Tel: 03 9596 2566

Wallet Rating:

Opening Hours:
Monday : closed
Tues: 10-6pm
Wed: 12-8pm
Thurs: 10-6
Saturday: 10-6pm
Sunday: closed

Skincare brands available:
Spa Samsara

*Please Note: This treatment was provided to us at no cost by Spa Samsara for the purposes of review. Although complimentary, this is no way affected the outcome of the review. Our policy is to inform readers of any services provided free of charge.

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