Man, what a fuss! Melbourne

by Glenn Reynolds

Day Spa Review

It’s hard not to be discouraged.

Too many male-only spas in Melbourne are closing down or changing into botox injecting Medi-spas. So I was very excited to enter the doors of Man, what a fuss! this week to try their spa and salon. They are definitely doing something right. The first men’s spa in Melbourne, and entering their 13th year, Man, what a fuss! offers a surprising range of services to men, including hair cuts, waxing, massage, spa therapies, along with wardrobe and grooming advice.

Walking in off McKillop Street, the functional but stylish hair salon is a great place to begin the session, being greeted by Katie and invited to relax with a tea or coffee in their contemporary leather chairs. The layout of the hair salon is functional and small, but feels larger, with gaps between the large mirrors, offering an airy feel and an expansive sense of space. Effective use of barriers enables you to feel a sense of privacy, as well. The combination of cold metal and mirrors with dark leather furniture and the occasional sculptural piece is effective, creating a contemporary feel. Man, what a fuss! is currently staffed only by women. Contemporary fashion/style mags were on offer to pass the time, something that would be right at home in any salon, and not the usual mags you might expect at a male-only facility. The surrounding shelves were adorned with hair and skin products from Thalgo for Men, and their own “Ammo” product range designed and created by the founder and owner, Kate.

Quality of spa experience
The militarised branding was making me feel suitably masculine, when I was whisked upstairs to enter one of the coccoons of tranquility they use for spa treatments. Dim lighting, red accents, wood and metal featured in a great combination. Changing into a robe, I was ushered into the vichy shower room to recline on the sensational table and enjoy a vigorous salt scrub. It’s great to enjoy a comfortable mattress to lie on, not like the ubiquitous plastic spa capsule found in other spas, with the back-breaking hard plastic bench installed for the vichy experience. Extra points for delicious comfort. My therapist for the scrub, Aubrey, was brilliant at performing the sequences, just the right amount of scratchy application, flowing between segments and vichy showering. I was left with a great sense of invigoration afterwards. The salt scrub ended with a standard shower, using the Ammo product, followed by a body moisturise in a well-appointed therapy room. The music was a distinctive element here, a great combination of interesting melodic pieces with ambient bells and other instruments for variation. Very much integrated into the session, I hardly noticed the music at all, which is a good sign for relaxation.

Moving downstairs for the hair treatment, I was introduced to Christine, and she made me feel right at home at the sink for a wash, and set me up for the waxing to follow… Here you can opt for waxing of difficult to train areas, such as the ears, nose and eyebrows while you prepare for your haircut. It’s pretty quick and mostly painless (ears were the worst), but I’m really enjoying the crisp feeling of no shaggy hair tufts! I must admit, having wax shoved into a nostril is a bit odd, but at least it’s only one at a time. Washed and waxed, I headed for the chair for a great contemporary cut and blow-dry. Christine was under a little time pressure, as I had another appointment, but she finished all the elements with great time management, and could engage in interesting banter at the same time. A great skill combination. The haircut finishes with a rinse, hot towel and neck massage to end a sensational experience. Another option is an express facial at the sink, for those with time pressure, but still wanting to leave looking their ultimate best.

This is a great little gem in the heart of Melbourne.

Looking after the whole man, the team at Man, what a fuss! offer a high level of professional services, including haircare, spa therapies, and even wardrobe consultation. They offer membership packages, as well, saving hundreds of dollars a year for those willing to commit. According to Katie: “What set us apart is the fact that the clients are truly cared for, we give them the best expert advice and we can treat their every concern with their health, look and well being. We are so proud that we are the market leaders, looking after men from all over the nation.”

Certainly, they offer a high level of professionalism, great facilities, and expert therapy.

Body Revival / Vichy Shower
The Perfect Man haircut with ear, nose and eyebrow waxing
1hr45min $220

Great ambience, unique hair and skin product range.
Central location with efficient and professional staff.
Comprehensive list of therapies and services, including grooming and wardrobe advice.

None really.

Facilities: 4/5
Product: 4/5
Therapy: 5/5
Proficiency: 5/5

18/20 “A fabulous salon/spa for the contemporary, well-groomed man.”

“Tell them that you read it at Great Spa Search!”

Address: 17 McKillop Street, Melbourne
Tel: 03 9642 3860
Web: Man, what a fuss! []

Wallet Rating: $$-$$$

Opening Hours:

Monday/Tuesday/Friday 10.00am – 6.00pm
Wednesday/Thursday 10.00am – 8.00pm
Saturday Wedding parties (by appointment)

Skincare brands available:
Ammo, Thalgo for Men

Man, what a fuss! is also going from strength to strength, looking to franchise their operations to expand across the country. Contact Kate (owner) for more details.

*Please Note: This treatment was provided to us at no cost by Man, what a fuss! for the purposes of review. Although complimentary, this is no way affected the outcome of the review. Our policy is to inform readers of any services provided free of charge.

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