The Dome Retreat, Brisbane

by Glenn Reynolds

Day Spa Review

I hate being late.

I’d already messed up my schedule and had to ask for my treatment to be moved. Ordinarily this is impossible at a spa, especially for a very busy one such as The Dome Retreat, but somehow they managed it with some deft movements of administrative tasks. I was running late for my appointment today, too, having caught a car, train and finally a taxi, in an unfamiliar city, so I was a little harried and feeling slightly guilty as I approached the front door. Not a great start to my session.

Sitting in the reception area, I could tell by the furnishings and decor that this was a spa that went that little bit extra to provide a sumptuous spa experience. Men or women could feel at home here, with warm earth neutrals, soft accent lighting and comfortable furniture. The reception area was small, but I didn’t have to wait there long as I was shown to one of two unisex change rooms, by Lee, the manager of The Dome Retreat. I could see that I was in for something special on viewing the changing facilities, with the intimate space, plush chair, curtain and robes. This was more like a dressing room that a famous actor might use, (maybe a second list one as it was a little small for a major star). I helped myself to one of the sumptuous gowns and made my way to the lounge. The Dome Retreat is located within the Marriott Hotel in the heart of Brisbane, not far from the shops, corporate offices and even the Botanic Gardens. It has a number of treatment rooms in one long corridor, with a lounge area at one end, lit with natural light filtering in to create a nice little place to put up the feet to begin a relaxing session.

Quality of Spa Experience

KaPo was my therapist for the day, and I was up for the Dome Signature Facial package. The first thing that I noticed about the way KaPo worked was her technical proficiency, her wide range of manipulation strategies and varying levels of pressure for a truly integrated experience. She moved from gently stroking moves, into pressure points or deep tissue manoeuvres and back again with no break, a truly exceptional flow throughout her whole routine. This was supported by her knowledgeable discussion and use of analysis on my skin during the facial treatment.

Throughout the whole session, she was consistently in touch with how I was experiencing the routine, adjusting her work accordingly. She was one of the most efficient, technical and precise therapists I had come across, but she balanced that superbly with deft movement, flowing each section into the next without making a break, and finishing directly on time. The Dome Signature Facial package was both lyrical in the flow between movements and elements, and powerful in execution when needed for deep tissue work. KaPo was highly proficient in technical knowledge of muscle structure, and efficient in her working style. It was a sensational combination of factors, and the whole experience was fantastic.

It’s the small things

The Dome Retreat have gone to great lengths to provide a sensational spa experience, even down to the quality of the towels and gowns, the soft furnishings and accent lights, and the furniture. Highly adjustable massage tables make for a very comfortable session lying in the face cradle. It makes a big difference to the experience, and very much appreciated. This is a great day spa that knows how to deliver high results on even the smallest details.

The Dome Signature Facial
Foot soak and scrub, back massage, customised facial and a massage for the feet, hands and scalp
1hr 45min $215

Fabulous therapist, with sensational training, technique and depth of style
Sumptuous design of spa environment
Sensational spa experience from first to last, integrated through all stages and ultimately, wonderful.

None, really.

If anything, I got a little lost with all the technical information on my skin condition, and I found the product chat at the end a little overwhelming.

Facilities: 4/5
Product: 4/5
Therapy: 5/5
Proficiency: 5/5

18/20 “A great spa experience that sets a very high standard”

Have you been to The Dome Retreat? What did you think?

Address: Level 4, Brisbane Marriott Hotel, 515 Queen Street, Brisbane
Tel: 07 3833 1333
Web: The Dome Retreat

Wallet Rating: $$$$

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday 10.00am – 7.00pm
Saturday – Sunday 9.00am – 6.00pm

Skincare brands available:
Pevonia Botanica

*Please Note: This treatment was provided to us at no cost by The Dome Retreat for the purposes of review. Although complimentary, this is no way affected the outcome of the review. Our policy is to inform readers of any services provided free of charge.

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