Low maintenance tips for the blokes away from the Day Spa

by Glenn Reynolds

Most men take their appearance for granted.

Some male mantras:
My skin’s healthy. You don’t need to fix it unless it’s broken.
Skincare takes too long. I don’t want to spend ages in the bathroom using 10 different products.
The products are too expensive and they don’t work
and why would you spend money on a Day Spa for these same reasons?

East Day Spa have just published a good little list of health tips directed at men. The tips are basic, but when it’s directed at men, you’ve got to use small goals, offering a basic quality health routine with a minimum of investment in time or money.

I like their sense of humour, too. The Everyman they are writing to seems to be a builder or car mechanic who is a wannabe athlete (mostly inactive, but likes the sports drinks), loves his tomato sauce, dreams of owning a Ferrari, and wants to retain his immunity, hair and sperm count!

Jokes aside, I like the list. It’s practical, easily integrated into the day and offers a few helpful suggestions for basic skin care. Here is the list:

   1. Eat tomatoes (battles prostate cancer and tomato sauce is OK)
   2. Take care of your skin (especially builders, car mechanics with Ferraris)
   3. Selenium is good for you (retain your immunity, hair and sperm!)
   4. Go to the Day Spa (Lance Armstrong does)
   5. Watch the carbohydrates unless you are very active
   6. Avoid sugary sports drinks (I’d add stimulant based soft drinks, too)
   7. Walk, walk and walk some more. (integrate it into the day – it’s easy)

For the original post, go to East Day Spa

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