Getting men into the Day Spa

by Glenn Reynolds

The Male Dilemma
Do service menus for men confirm their suspicions that day spas are generally for women?
How do you attract more men to the day spa?

1. Men don’t seem to go to day spas
Male only day spas don’t seem to last very long, either closing down or allowing women to access the services, too. Promoting spas to men is tricky as they can be seen as ‘women only’ so day spas see the need to offer specific lists of services named as male. This can confirm suspicions of men that the rest of the day spa service menu is only for women, when in fact this is almost never the case.

2. Yet, the figures say that more men are turning up
Men make up about 25-30% of the clients at day spas, and this number seems to be increasing at about 2-5% per year, worldwide. This means spas are gearing themselves up to offer treatments that are attractive to men.

Should spas offer ‘male only’ services? This would seem logical to offer the new men something that will directly appeal to them. However, this may limit services that men purchase, thinking themselves limited to the few, rather than selecting from the whole list. Women may wish to choose a ‘male’ service, too. Maybe one day this day spa dilemma will be resolved with 50% of the clientele being male, and there will be no need for a male menu, as men and women will feel comfortable choosing from a full list.

It’s good to see East Day Spa expanding their offering with a generous list of services to men, to get them in the door, as well as inviting them to participate further once they are there. If they are able to expand the expectations of men as well, helping them feel comfortable selecting any service on the menu, this will be the ideal.

Looking at a small selection of day spas, some choose to label services for men, others make no distinction. East Day Spa (Auckland, Wellington, Melbourne and Bali) is about to extend their range of male services, just in time for Spring (1 September). Dome Retreat (Brisbane) and the Observatory Hotel Spa (Sydney) do not offer an alternative ‘male’ list of services. Everyone chooses from the same menu. Others name one or two treatments as male, such as at Aurora Spa Retreat (Melbourne).

More information can be found on East Man, the services available to men at East Day Spa
See also the Dome Retreat, the Observatory Spa, Aurora Spa Retreat.

How do you think day spas could attract more male clients?
or How should day spas promote their services to men?

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