East offers new Day Spa treatments to men

by Glenn Reynolds

The luxurious East Day Spa is inviting more male clients with new offerings.

Across East’s four spas in Auckland, Wellington, Melbourne and Bali, men account for 30 percent of the clientele, with attendance steadily growing at a rate of between 2-5 percent each year.

From 1 September this year, 9 treatment options will be made available exclusively to men, just in time for Spring, and maybe a Father’s Day treat! This extends the list of services generally available at East Day Spa, which men are able to enjoy, too, including maintenance treatments such as waxing and hair tinting

From East’s Press Release:
“Featured treatments include the Apna Massage; incorporating a combination of sports style massage, Balinese massage and Thai stretches, Elemis Urban Cleanse Facial; a super-grooming facial which decongests the skin, accelerates skin repair and neutralizes impurities and the Balinese Bacial; combining a traditional Balinese boreh mask to relieve muscle tension held in the back and shoulders, followed by hand crushed rice blended with exotic spices for a deep cleanse and deep-heat experience.”

For more information on their East Man menu (after 1 September) see East Day Spa

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