Watch the language

by Glenn Reynolds

Spa services are very scary… embarrassing even… At least, men are afraid.

It seems that in an effort to attract men to their establishments, spa managers are falling over themselves to change the name of their services so men don’t feel embarrassed. Even ones with ‘man’ in the title, like ‘manicure’ are being replaced with embarrassing malespeak such as ‘hand detail’ presumably so the car mechanics can feel ok about getting the grease out from under their nails. Another spa lists a massage as “bloke massage: like a regular massage only manlier”. What’s a manlier massage? Does that mean the therapist is an oiled weightlifter? Or maybe they use rolling pins to massage the muscles? Maybe the therapist just grunts at you.

What’s with the need to change a name? If the service itself remains the same, aren’t men being a little prissy… dare I say, pussy? Is it because they have to ask for the service by name? Or is there something emasculating about ordering a facial, mud wrap or pedicure?

What’s your favourite Male Spa Service name?

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