Throw out the Loofah!

by Glenn Reynolds

Loofahs cause trouble, apparently…

Recently I had to take myself to hospital to have some mild skin cancers removed (too much time in the Australian sun as a child!) and I have it on good advice, from the senior dermatologist at my local hospital, that loofahs are bad for your skin! I was a little surprised at this revelation. In fact, scratching the skin in any way (including a comb or brush) can lead to developing facial warts! These are only cosmetic blemishes and not harmful to your health, but certainly change your appearance. It seems that scratching the skin undermines the effective barrier to disease, offering the opportunity for resident bacteria to infect the lower layers and cause trouble.

I wonder if this applies to salt scrubs, too? Does anyone know?

Not only do the loofahs scratch holes in your skin barrier, they retain skin material and develop bacteria. Make-up artist in NYC, Keiko Takagi agrees, arguing that once used, loofahs have bacteria build-up and spread disease. So my advice is to avoid them.

So, too, long showers especially with hot water. Both of these are really bad for your skin too. Apparently Takagi suggests coating the body in oil before showering if you are planning on lingering… mmm…

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