Grooms getting into the spa

by Glenn Reynolds

Finally grooms and their best men are enjoying what brides and their bridesmaids have been enjoying for centuries… the day spa!

I’m mightily impressed to see men of all ages and professions taking themselves off to the spa to relax, rejuvenate, even ‘detail’ their hands and feet,  (see Watch the Language). Finally, the facial tops off the day with a new bloke, clean, refreshed and feeling great!

My top 5 spa services for blokes who are attending a wedding:

1. Massage – always an excuse for relaxation
2. Facial – clean up the image ready to be kissed!
3. Hands – essential to have squeaky clean and soft hands, especially nails, to enjoy a fancy ceremony and meal
4. Body scrub – feels sensational
5. Hydrotherapy – a flotation tank session, or just a vichy shower after a body treatment is fantastic.


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