Spa Blog Guide – Revised

by Glenn Reynolds

**Thanks to Rose for suggesting a few more blogs to check out… See below**

Trying to find great spa blogs online is very difficult. Maybe there aren’t that many good ones out there yet. Here is a list of the ones that I’ve come across, in no particular order…

The Land of Spa

This blog delves into more spiritual and holistic practices in spas, asking incisive questions about spa practices and future innovations. Rose is an experienced journalist with an extensive background in health and spas.

Travel to Wellness

A Canadian based publication, with founder/editor Anne Dimon drawing together articles, reviews and information from sources mostly in North America, but some international focus. Has a section on Spas for men. Recent makeover has rejuvenated the site with vigour.

Spa Flyer

More of a front window into a directory of spas, this blog gives a taste of spas and leads you to further info on the main website. Provides some news and trend information, but without critique.

Susie’s Spa Blog

Experienced spa traveller Susie Ellis writes a blog across many spa topics, mostly with a US focus. This blog is connected with the huge Spa Finder website where you can read introductions for spas throughout North America and beyond (not many spas from Australia). Not much in the way of independent reviewing though.

Spas of Life

Another blog that is really just a window to a larger directory of spas, Craig Oliver presents a wide range of spas across North and South America (not many from the South, though). Large plans to expand across the globe with future directories listed for most regions of the world. Good for planning travel. Not much in the way of independent reviewing.

The Spa College Blog

Just recently come across this one as it is fairly new. Seems to be written with spa professionals in mind, along with spa enthusiasts. Informative and encouraging.

Times Online Good Spa Guide

Great reviews, easy to navigate, this online site for the Times newspaper in the UK is a great reference for travelling. They offer concise and witty reviews of spas, with basic, useful information. Although the spas are mostly in Britain, they have reviews of around 60 spas around Europe and a scattering further afield. A good read.

Spa Goer

Produced by US spa industry legend, Bernard Burt, Spa Goer provides extensive information and news on all things spa, mostly in the Americas, but also internationally. He has a great links page as well. Bernard is a member of the Healing Lifestyles & Spas Advisory Board, is co-author of “100 Best Spas of the World” published by the Globe Pequot Press.


Offering some feature articles, tips and spa gear online shop, SPAPARAZZI is posted to on a semi-regular basis. Created by the founder of the spa travel site Getaway Spas, Brenda Lopez (the self-named Spa Lady), this blog offers some insights into healthy spa lifestyles with a small number of articles on getting the most out of massage, pilates, and various spa routines.

Arizona Spa Girls

As the title suggests, this site is quite specifically targeted to women in Arizona, but if you can stand the banner ads and pink colour scheme, there are a small number of useful information sections on going to spas.

What great spa blogs or sites do you read?

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iphone October 30, 2007 at 9:09 pm

Hi Andrew:

You are right. There are certainly not many independent spa reviews out there.

I have a blog that specialises in Asia’s Best Spa and Massage. Would you like to check out my spa blog:

I will certainly be coming back to your blog regularly for updates.



Andrew October 31, 2007 at 10:40 am

Hi Kat,

Thanks for your comment. Great to see more spa reviewing… I’ll certainly have a read of your blog.

All the best.


spablogsnetwork April 28, 2009 at 6:31 pm

Hi Glenn!

I would like to invite you to join the Spa Blogs Network on our Asia Spa Guide site! It is a community for bloggers who write about spas and their spa experiences. Hope to see you in our little community :)


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