Orchid Day Spa, Melbourne

by Glenn Reynolds

Day Spa Review

What lies within
Nestled in the heart of Hardware Lane, one of the best cafe strips in Melbourne, Orchid Day Spa is a clean fresh spa gem that deserves a visit. Led upstairs to the spa treatment rooms, I could relax in the waiting area of warm browns and muted sand coloured sculpture and woven furniture. Orchid is certainly the theme, but it is used subtly, mostly as a relief in sculpture or the odd picture in a treatment room.

Similar to most inner city spas, Orchid is a compact space, but with great design, frosted glass and clever use of space, the place feels a lot larger. Ambiance is clean, muted colours and low light with plenty of wood and towels to give a relaxing atmosphere.

As I was only having one treatment, I was led directly to the room to get changed. I had arrived early to relax for a minute, but as they were lightly occupied, my therapist took me straight in. Juanita expertly informed me of the process, and returned when I had changed to take me on a very therapeutic journey.

What’s unique
This is a tropical theme, translated for inner urban Melbourne. The combination of warm dark wood with frosted glass and sand coloured ornaments works very well, giving a great atmosphere for a retreat from the bustle of working life. Great location in the heart of the cafe and cameras district of Melbourne.

I chose the European Seaweed and Sea Spa Vichy. This began with an invigorating scrub with mineral salts, from head to toe, making my skin tingle with the scratchy energy. After a quick rinse, Dead Sea mud was smothered across my skin, and left to soak cocooned in a steam bath. At this point, Juanita performed a pressure point treatment on my face, and a scalp massage. Combined with the warm atmosphere, the massage was sending me to sleep. Following the steam session, the vichy shower heads released a rhythmic washing to rid my skin of any mud residue, accompanied by more scalp work. The treatment itself was pretty standard, possibly skimping a little with the mud product. It’s almost the same as you’d get in most day spas, so nothing unique there. The scalp work was pretty good, though.

Final Comments
I did miss the relaxing space at the start, and I find the ritual of changing into a robe helps to set the scene, so not having that opportunity was a little disappointing. As usual, it was over all too fast. Juanita was very professional and informative, leading me through the treatment with a quiet assurance. It happened to be a quiet day, as people were delaying their retreat to get ready for horse racing dates, but I understand that they are usually very busy, so booking early is a great idea.

Orchid is a great place to retreat in the middle of the day, or after work, with a relaxing ambiance, experienced staff and comfortable surrounds.

European Seaweed and Sea Spa Vichy
$95 for 60min

Great location
Warm ambiance
Professional staff


16/20 “Relaxation woven and warm”


Address: 62 Hardware Lane, Melbourne
Tel: 03 9670 4964
Web: www.orchiddayspa.com.au
Email: orchiddayspa@bigpond.com

Wallet Rating: $$

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri 10am – 7pm
Sat 9am – 6pm

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unhappy August 15, 2008 at 11:26 am

This is the WORST spa i have ever been to!! I regularly receive body and facial treatments from another spa but gave Orchid a go because of a voucher I received. I wouldn’t return if they paid me! I don’t even know where to begin with the service – I have been massaged by man before but have always been asked if it was ok first – this did not happen at Orchid. Secondly I was given a deep tissue massage instead of a relaxation massage. I had to stop the masseur because of the pain! Also at no point was I covered during the massage instead, the towel removed completely when the massage began so I was laying there with nothing but a paper G string for the entire massage – not only was this uncomfortable but I was also cold for the duration! The entire experience was painful and uncomfortable – and to top it all off – when I reported this to the manager, she seemed uninterested and dismissive! It has been 3 days and my left leg is still hurting! Avoid the pain and AVOID ORCHID DAY SPA!!


eternal minerlas September 29, 2008 at 2:05 pm

I had a friend that went to this spa and actually thought it was quite good though actually. I guess experiences will vary.


Marriott February 22, 2009 at 1:17 am

Rightly said, if something goes wrong with one then we cannot come to the conclusion that this spa is not providing good services.

I have heard of this spa and is known for its great customer service.


Anonymous May 1, 2009 at 11:56 am

I have been there once, the massage was great, except that I can feel the masseuse was so tired or tired of her job..The receptionist was acting like a big snub.
Not going there again..


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