The most incredible spa therapies

by Glenn Reynolds

They might be indulgent, but are they therapeutic?

After reading a Forbes article on expensive spa experiences, (read it here), I was intrigued to search for truly indulgent experiences in Australia…

Indeed, I found some wonderfully expensive combinations, such as the Chuan Escape at the Chuan Spa, (Langham Hotel, Melbourne) (2.5hr $395) right up to the stratospherically expensive Ultimate ritual at the Crown Spa. For $920 you can spend 6 and a half hours enjoying spa therapies with ridiculous names such as Volcanic Rebalance along with Timeless Beauty. Laughing is great for your health… maybe it’s a new spa service!

I’m curious to know how readers can tell if a particular treatment, or combination, is actually therapeutic? Prevailing wisdom seems to be that if it costs enough, it must be worthwhile. Take the Diamond Perfection Body Treatment at Park Club Day Spa (Park Hyatt, Melbourne). Just $160 will give you 60 minutes of … what? Let the brochure speak:

Sit back and experience the luxury of La Prairie as the whole of your body is polished, toned and moisturised to perfection. Instant results will be seen with a full body microdermabrasion using a micronised puree of diamonds, fresh water pearls and quartz crystals.

I’m not clear on what a ‘micronised puree’ is, but it sounds expensive.

At LeSpa (Sofitel Mansion, Werribee) I’ve also come across a Mother of Pearl body exfoliation (1.5hr $175 with Kelp Body Wrap) and a Native Hot Rock massage with hand carved rocks from the Kimberley (1.5hr $175). What’s wrong with local rocks? Finally, the strangely mysterious Stimulating and Invigorating Body Ritual with Cypress Bark (2 hours $225) got me dreaming of images with slapping and rubbing and pieces of bark…!

Maybe I can try my own luxury spa experiences at home:

  1. Polysensorial Exfoliation using authentic Victorian chimney residue mixed with herbs from the vegie patch.
  2. Energisational body ritual with plank o’ Pine.
  3. Vulcanisational Hydrotherapy bath with a float of Lipton Tea with REV milk.

Anyone for a luxury spa? Tell me I’m wrong…
How can you tell it works?
What ultimate spa therapies do you prefer?

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Rose September 17, 2007 at 7:49 am

I love your DIY concoction. Hey, why don’t you bottle it and start selling it? If you play your cards right you can start your own line. If they can sell oxygen, why not tree bark?


Andrew September 17, 2007 at 11:54 am

Thanks for your encouragement, Rose! I’m sure you could come up with a few creative products…


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