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by Glenn Reynolds

Skin Care Tips for Men

from article by Michele Probst,
founder of Menaji skin products.

The full read can be found here.

  1. Keep it clean

    Men have slightly oilier skin than women. This means that our skin attracts more dirt. Use a deep cleanser (as chemical-free as possible) every day.
    Look for a good face scrub (avoid products with ground nuts or seed extracts), as it will remove dead cells and smooth the surface of your face.

  2. Keep it toned

    Toner helps to keep the skin clear and firm, maintaining its elasticity. Michele suggests that astringents and toners with glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids work the best. Look for ones that are not sensitive to light (photosensitive).

  3. Treat your skin

    After shaving, moisturise the skin using a product that contains no alcohol. Try to avoid heavy-fragranced after shave products. Don’t forget your lips: apply a balm with at least 15+ SPF. She adds that peppermint oil has a nice feel and keeps lips luscious.

  4. Protect your skin

    Avoid sun exposure
    Stay in shape – exercise pumps oxygen to your skin tissue, and helps prevent premature ageing
    Eat right – including vitamins such as C and E
    Everything in moderation – Avoid excessive alcohol, smoking, fatigue and stress. These factors decrease facial circulation, ageing your skin prematurely.

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