Advocating Exfoliation

by Glenn Reynolds

As a self-confessed metrophobic, David Cook wrote an interesting blog on his conversion to exfoliating in The Age newspaper recently. After travelling through heat and humidity in Asia, accumulating layers of grime and dirt, without a shower to be found, he decided to try out a Hammam in Morocco…

I was surprised to find it an incredibly satisfying experience. For the first time in months my skin felt smooth and relatively clean. Maybe it was the extremes of before and after that made it obvious, but I was on my way to being hooked.

Check out the full article on his journey to skin fitness here.

Have you had a spa conversion experience like David?
If so, what was it?

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Rose September 24, 2007 at 6:56 am


As you may know, I’m a girl, and the thing I loved about the blog post you linked to is how many guys responded to it. I think slowly breaking down the girls vs. boys barriers to health and well being.Having said that, I know one of the things preventing men from performing more elaborate “ablutions” is the time required. And it *is* time consuming to look good.


Andrew October 1, 2007 at 2:12 pm

Hi Rose,

Yes, I liked the way men responded to the article, too. More men are taking the time required. In the end, you feel better about yourself… and that is a great reward.


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