Day Spa Services 5: Feet Treatment (pedicure)

by Glenn Reynolds

Walking around on tired or sore feet? Maybe your nails are a bit ingrown? Time for a pedicure…

Basically the procedure is much the same as for a manicure.
For detailed information see
Day Spa Services 4: Hand Treatment (manicure)

Tips for getting the most out of your pedicure:

1. Day Spa should be spotlessly clean and meticulously hygenic.

As your feet generally live in warm, slightly moist environments most of the day, bacteria and fungal growth can co-exist with you. Encouraging cross-infection from the client before you is not in your interests. In the same vein, tools utilised in the procedure should be sterilised before each client.

Cutting of skin should be kept to a minimum. Delicate, useful skin such as the cuticle should not be cut. This impairs the nails ability to protect itself and encourages infections.

2. Treat any itches before turning up to the spa.

Especially during winter or prolonged physical activity, fungal infections can be common. They take a couple of weeks to treat properly with antifungal cream, so start early and by the time your appointment arrives, you can have piece of mind to enjoy a relaxing, restorative therapy.

3. Ask for advice on caring for your feet.

Although we sometimes walk on them for kilometres, quite often we do nothing to maintain our feet, other than the odd wash or two. Therapists are professionals when it comes to looking after your skin. Ask them how to shape and nourish your nails, as well as cleanse, scrape and nuture your feet before your next visit.

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