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by Glenn Reynolds

Student Clinics offer a unique opportunity for client and therapist alike.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, why not book your next appointment at a local college training clinic? See below for links to Clinic information…

Senior Students
Clinic’s are staffed by students in the last part of their training or recent graduates and closely supervised by experienced practitioners. A public clinic or salon is a great way to experience more spa treatments without breaking the bank. Most massages are around $30-40 for anything up to 45min on the table. You can even find quite a lot of 2.5 hour packages (facials, massage, manicure etc) for under $100! Some salons offer the (more expensive) option of booking a registered professional for your service, instead of a student.

Take your time
As they are used for training purposes, most sessions in a college salon or clinic will involve filling out health questionnaires and feedback forms, so allow a bit of extra time before and after your session to do this. It’s great for the practitioner to receive honest feedback in order to learn the craft professionally.

Supervision of practitioners
Quite often, a supervisor will come into a session and give some advice on techniques to use, sometimes performing the technique on the client while the student observes. Again this is a great training opportunity. At the very minimum, students will remove themselves from the room for a time to seek the advice of their supervisor on the treatment plan for the session.

If you don’t mind your session being a little interrupted, or treatment rooms that could be just partitions in a larger space, you’ll save a lot of money using these clinics and you are helping students gain valuable experience. Students will gain experience and confidence during the course of their clinic placement, so you’ll see an improvement in their performance over time.

Colleges can specialise in Beauty Services, including facials, massage, body treatments, waxing and hair, or they might be Natural Therapy colleges, offering massage, acupuncture, naturopathy and herbal medicine. Although a lot of colleges have similar sounding names, they may offer quite different experiences. Shop around and see which one you like the best.

You might like to take the opportunity to try something new!

Tips for making the best of your student clinic experience:
Tip 1: Training Clinics may only be open during semester, and mostly only open during small windows during the week. You’ll have to book early to make sure you get a place.

Tip 2: Most students will be young, and a high proportion will be female. If you are looking for deep tissue therapy, or some other robust treatment, seek out the advice of the clinic supervisor for recommendations on practitioners.

Tip 3: Some of the beauty schools are still a bit feminine. If you would feel uncomfortable walking into a salon with flowers, or frilly fragrances, have a walk-by to check out the ambiance before booking.

If you’ve been to a student clinic, what was it like? Where would you recommend?

See below for information on Student Clinics:


Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty, Melbourne

Headmasters Academy of Hair Dressing and Beauty, Melbourne

Melbourne College of Hair and Beauty

Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College, Melbourne

Southern School of Natural Therapies, Melbourne

Australian College of Natural Medicine, Melbourne and Brisbane

Cosmetician Studio, College of Beauty, Melbourne


Strand College of Beauty Therapy, Sydney

Peninsula College of Beauty Therapy, Manly

Australasian College of Natural Therapies, Sydney

Advanced School of Beauty Therapy, Newcastle


International College of Esthetics, Maroochydore

Australian College of Natural Medicine, Melbourne and Brisbane

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