Island Day Spa, Melbourne (part 2)

by Glenn Reynolds


Please Note: It looks like Island Day Spa has moved or closed down. If you have any further information on this spa, please add a comment to the post and let us know…
Review left for historical purposes.

Day Spa Review

I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse: a half-price treatment.

This was an SMS offer from Island made to customers who’d been there before. It was too good to turn down, so I rang and made an appointment for the mud wrap – I’d been looking forward to trying this wrap ever since I missed out last time (see Island pt1).

Managing to avoid rain on my ride to the spa, I descended the stairs once more, noticing a few small details that I missed last time, such as the small rock trail leading your feet and the floral details on the walls. The entrance to the spa is through a large wooden door, proclaiming an influence of Islander craftsmanship. They’ve managed to disguise the elevator entrance opposite which would be a jarring juxtaposition, otherwise.

I was given the usual introduction to the spa by my therapist for the day, Libby. After changing, I was led to one of the two wet treatment rooms at Island, and invited to lie on the plastic table that resides on the inside of the hydrotherapy/steam tub. It’s a little awkward to lie on, but with a towel underneath, the rigid plastic moulding is not so bad.

The mud wrap begins with a dry brushing. This was new to me, and felt like I was being groomed much like a horse at a stable. It felt surprisingly good, with gentle strokes that left my skin tingling. Next Libby proceeded to slather Dead Sea Mud all over my limbs and torso, caking me in what looked like black tar, cool to begin with, but warmed up with my body heat.

Once the body was covered with mud, I was left in a steam cocoon in order for the warmth to encourage the mud to soak into my skin. During this 20min or so, Libby performed a wonderful head massage, with some facial strokes, designed to relax you even further. I must admit, the best part of the massage was the cold towels placed over my face. This is not to say the massage wasn’t any good: it was. I was just getting quite hot from the steam, and the cold towels were extremely refreshing. After the steam comes the vichy shower to wash off the mud followed by a final hosing to remove the remaining residue.

Finally, Libby applied a moisturiser to my skin, and I learned something new: moisturiser can be applied to wet skin. Apparently, the moisturiser adheres to the water and soaks into the skin, and your body only needs a light pat dry afterwards. Makes daily moisturising after the shower very easy, and Libby informed me that most male clients want a simple routine to keep their skin looking good.

I was left to relax in the lounge afterwards and move on when I was ready. As per my last visit, there was no pushy product sales spin as I was farewelled, which was a nice touch. Finally, the mud wrap was well worth a return trip: extremely relaxing and I guess it was nourishing to the skin. Unlike a facial where I can see all the blackheads gone, I find it difficult with a body treatment to tell if my skin benefited much. But it certainly felt good.

Pros: Therapist was very informative and gave clear instructions
Treatment was very relaxing and nourishing
Quiet, relaxing ambiance
No product sales push

Cons: Still no before/after shower facility

17/20 “Quiet Oasis”

Island Day Spa

Phone – 03 9654 5888
Fax – 03 9654 0220
Email –

Lower Ground, 267 Collins Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000

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