Day Spa Services 4: Hand Treatment (manicure)

by Glenn Reynolds

The biggest mistake people make is forgetting how important our hands are. They are the first things that give away your age (no matter how young your face may look!) and like it or not, they are difficult to disguise or cover up and are always in the spotlight.Linda Rose

Hand Treatment (Manicure)
The process might vary slightly, but according to Linda Rose, these are the elements that make up a Perfect Man’s Manicure.

1. Shaping the nails
Using an emery board or metal file, your therapist will shape the nails to the required length.

2. Prepare the cuticles
The cuticle is a small layer of skin that covers and protects the base of the nail. As the nail grows from the base, an intact cuticle provides nourishment and protection for the new growth. Cutting this layer of skin is not recommended.

In order to manage the cuticle properly, a serum, oil or cream is applied to the cuticle at this point, to soften the skin for manipulation.

3. Hand soak
Placing the hand in warm water for a few minutes will soften the cuticle, remove dirt and grime from around the nail and offer a little relaxation during the treatment.

4. Scrub with brush
Cleaning your nails and skin with a nail brush

5. Pumice stone
Using a stone can soften areas around the nails and palm that have developed a callous or tough exterior

6. Working the cuticle
As the cuticle has been left to soften, it is now time to gently push the cuticle back, cleaning up the appearance of the nail without damaging the delicate skin forming a protective barrier around the nail bed.

7. Clip any hangnails
A hangnail is actually a piece of loose, dead skin that has torn away from the surface. This is usually around the sides of the nail. Clipping these away will prevent further skin tearing.

8. Cream or lotion
At this stage, hand cream or lotion could be massaged into the hand to soften and moisturise the skin.

9. Buff the nails
Using a buffer and optionally a buffing product, the surface of the nails are smoothed over and buffed to a nice shine.

10. Enamel application
Some men prefer to use a colourless enamel to protect the nail and add a little gloss. Sometimes a basecoat is used instead of topcoat, to provide protection but without the high gloss.

French manicure
During this treatment the hands are dipped in paraffin wax that is allowed to set on the hands and wrapped in warmth. This further softens the skin, providing a beneficial environment for moisturisers to penetrate the skin. The wax is removed as it gets cold.

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