Day Spa FAQ

by Glenn Reynolds

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions by newcomers to Day Spas…
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What are the health benefits to visiting a spa?
A visit to a Day Spa is a great experience for the body, soul and mind which will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Particular Spa treatments can also address your skin and body problems, making you look more vibrant and feeling more confident.

There are so many options… How do I know what therapy to choose?
Relaxation massage (Swedish) is usually a first favourite amongst spa goers. It’s fairly widely known outside of the spa environment, and newcomers can feel more comfortable having received a previous experience. If you’d like to gain benefit for a particular skin or body condition, you could ask for advice on which treatment to take. Other than that, you could try something a little different and see if you like it. Hand and feet treatments involve little investment and you may be surprised with the results. Don’t forget to ask your spa-going friends for their favourite recommendations.

Can I choose my therapist?
Most larger spas can accommodate your request for a male or female therapist. Please let them know if you have a preference, or if you have no preference. Bear in mind, most of the smaller Day Spas will be staffed by women.

Do I need to bring anything in particular for my treatment?
No, not usually. Most Day Spas will provide everything that you need to get the most out of your treatment. Usually this means they will give you a robe, slippers and possibly disposable underwear if necessary. Most will also supply shower gels etc for using their wet facilities. If you are using a public swimming area, you will need to bring swimwear, of course. You may want to check the policy when you make your booking.

What should I tell my therapist about?
If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, recent surgeries, are currently taking medication, or are pregnant, you should inform your therapist. Usually they will ask you to fill out a health questionnaire before your first treatment.

Will I need to undress?
You will be asked to undress to the minimum level necessary for your treatment. For facials, manicures and pedicures, undressing is kept to a minimum. Full body treatments, hydrotherapy baths and steam rooms will entail more undressing, of course, but you can request to leave a level of underwear/swimwear intact, or the spa will provide you with some of their own. Excluding baths for obvious reasons, you will be kept covered by a sheet or towel at all times by professional draping techniques of the therapists.

Is it best to shave before treatments?
You should not shave just before waxing or scrub treatments. The hair follicles need to be at least one inch in order for the waxing treatment to be effective. Scrub treatments can be vigorous, and freshly shaved skin may be too sensitive.
For Facials, a shave in the morning with an appointment in the afternoon would be sufficient. This will provide enough time for the skin to recover a little, but provide a smooth-enough surface for the therapist to work with.

How long should I wait before receiving my next facial?
Unless you are treating a particular skin condition where smaller intervals are needed, a maintenance facial is usually performed about once a month.

Are Gift Certificates available?
Yes. Day Spas will be able to sell Certificates for you to give to others.

What does SPA stand for?
Sanitas per Aquas (Health by water)

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