Australian: waxing the extra mile

by Glenn Reynolds

I always knew Australians were pretty tough. Or sexy…

From the Oasis Day Spa in New York City:

What is the difference between all of your bikini waxes?
The main difference in the bikini waxes at Oasis is the amount of hair that is removed during the waxing.

Swimsuit Line Bikini – only about 2 inches is removed on the bikini area.
High Bikini Line – about 4 inches of hair is removed on both sides of the bikini area.
Brazilian Bikini – all of the hair is removed down under and a narrow strip is left at the top.
Sphinx Bikini – a narrow strip of hair is left both at the top and bottom areas of the bikini.
Australian Bikini – all of the hair in the bikini area is completely removed.

(emphasis mine) Full Article can be read here.

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