A lost tribe of male skin therapists?

by Glenn Reynolds

Was there (ever) a group of men who knew how to look after their skin properly? The brave ones who told their sons (and daughters) about the benefits of cleansing, the protection of moisturiser with SPF or the importance of relaxation massage for their wellbeing?

The extent of my own skin education by my dad was to have him show me how to shave (once) and then slap lots of Old Spice around to sting you awake in the morning!! He was from the ‘scrub it hard’ school, using lots of bristly tools, and then towel it off even harder. As a boy I was even given my own ‘scratchy towel’ to improve my skin!

Now, I’ve since experienced the benefits of salt scrubs for reinvigorating the skin, but as a boy, it was a bracing lifestyle. Have we men lost the art of gentle skin and body therapy? Did we ever know it in the first place?

I’m sure Rose is not alone when she comments on my review posted on 27 June, “My partner always wants me to buy his shampoos and such. Now I get it. Fact is making good product choices does require a lot of homework. . .”

Are men so lazy they can’t even be bothered learning how to care for themselves?

Where are the men who know how to do this?

Pondering this lack of male knowledge, I was struck by a further question:
Would an increase in male practitioners lead more men to go spa-ing? Would we feel more comfortable having a facial from a man?

What do you think?
Have you come across any male therapists in a day spa?

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Rose July 4, 2007 at 1:02 am

Hi Andrew,

I’ve come across many a male therapist in day spas, but none of whom are giving facials. That role seems exclusively designated to women.

And still. . .

I just did a quick google search and it seems they’re out there. Check it out.


Andrew July 4, 2007 at 10:29 am


Glad to hear that more men are working in spas. I’ll keep my eyes open.


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