ZIPT Grooming for Men

by Glenn Reynolds

Day Spa Review

PLEASE NOTE: ZIPT Grooming for Men is no longer trading. This review has been left for future reference.

A wintry Melbourne evening ushered me inside a quiet shopping court on Collins St. Upstairs I found the modest shopfront for ZIPT, the first men-only spa in the CBD. I must admit, when I read ‘spa for men’ I hear ‘upmarket barber’. I’d certainly hate having bits of someone else’s hair floating around my nose on the massage table, or stuck to my newly moisturised face. No haircuts here, though, and I was pleasantly surprised at the thorough list of spa treatments on offer.

Light walls, metallic features and easy on the eyes, I was invited to the reception ‘room’ to fill out a health form and await my therapist. Two cane chairs encircled a table holding a bunch of cinnamon sticks, my water with lemon and standard male mag fare: Inside Sport, the Bulletin and Men’s Health. This probably says something about the range of clientele who present. Frosted glass on curving walls curtailed my view, but allowed a sense of privacy in a small space. My therapist introduced me to the layout of the premises, and I found that ZIPT has a surprising number of well designed spaces for relaxation, therapy and cleansing. There is even a wet area with a couple of showers, steam room and wash basins. Subtle lighting, quiet instrumental music and friendly staff set the tone for the session.

I had signed up for the Emergency Face Treatment, and was pleased to read that it contained a back massage as well. ZIPT had assured me that this was one of their best combinations, designed to induce a stupor of relaxation. I was led to my treatment room keen to change out of my gear, and hop on the table for the first treatment. The small cupboard holding my clothes contained a series of nice touches, such as a container for pocket items, along with a robe, slippers, thongs, comb and disposable underwear.

My treatment was bookended by warmth – heated oil at the start, and heated towels at the end. What a superb way to hold the therapy together. My massage therapist enquired as to what pressure I liked, as well as any locations for concentration. She followed my directions exceedingly well. I was treated to a smooth, flowing sequence of techniques, with stroking and kneading into tight muscles, without any slapping or tapping. It was definitely very soothing. Their massage tables are superbly designed, and I felt no discomfort lying in the face cradle.

After rolling over, my facial began. A steamer settled warm moisture onto my face to signal the start of treatment. After a thorough diagnosis of my skin type, and its condition, my therapist clearly outlined the procedure that she followed. First step was a soap-free cleanse, followed by a corn scrub, extraction of blackheads, mask and eye treatment.

As my eyes were enveloped by moist pads, I was never quite sure what to expect next. A range of cool and soothing products cleansed, scrubbed and removed all the dead stuff emanating from my dark and twisty soul (at least, that’s where I thought blackheads came from). After some extreme squeezing (that your sister always wanted to do), my face felt much lighter for getting rid of all that pore-clogging grime. After covering my eyes with a gauze pad, oatmeal mask was applied, feeling pretty weird, but smelling like sweet breakfast. Unfortunately, I was left with some residue in my eyes, which was flushed out pretty smartly by my therapist. A spritz of toner followed, then some moisturiser, and I was left to reconnect with the guy in the mirror. I was impressed.

My therapist informed me about the best products for my skin. I’m told that men are an easy sale for skin products after a facial. On this day I managed to resist the urge to buy, kind of embarrassed and muttering something about coming back for some later…

Feeling relaxed and heading off on my bike in the rain, I was pleased to know I was somewhat lighter than when I went in.

Pros: Great layout, in central location
Excellent therapist
Extensive list of services in both wet and dry areas

Cons: Hard to find any…
Doesn’t go the ‘Full Monty’ with waxing (i.e. no dangly bits)

18/20 “Smart and functional”

Students, business types, tradesmen all frequent ZIPT.

Massage 1 hour : $105
Emergency Face Treatment 1.5 hours : $150
Regular Maintenance Face Treatment 1 hour : $115

Opening hours 8am-7pm Monday to Friday
Level 1
collins two3four
234 Collins Street

Tel: 1300 ZIPT UP – or (03) 9639 1972
E-mail :
Web :

*Please Note: This treatment was provided to me at no cost by ZIPT for the purposes of review. Although complimentary, this in no way affected the outcome of the review. My policy is to inform readers of any services provided free of charge.

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Rose June 28, 2007 at 11:53 pm

Nice review, Andrew. What does ZIPT stand for? (For that matter, don’t know what CBD stands for either.) Isn’t it funny how family members always want to ‘groom’ each for blackheads? Finally, didn’t know that men are more likely to purchase spa products than women. But it makes sense, especially because the products are usually being sold by a woman! Just an impression.


Andrew June 29, 2007 at 11:01 am

Thanks for your comments, Rose. As far as I’m aware, ZIPT doesn’t stand for anything. Sorry about the CBD acronym (Central Business District).

I’m not saying that men buy more product than women, rather that some therapists find men much less likely to disagree with their diagnosis and more likely to purchase their recommendations. Women are more self-assured in their purchases. I don’t know the first thing about purchasing product.


Rose June 30, 2007 at 2:06 am

Ah. My partner always wants me to buy his shampoos and such. Now I get it. Fact is making good product choices does require a lot of homework. . .


Andrew July 2, 2007 at 10:25 am

Hi Rose.
Yes. I’m learning that, too. I’m finding my latest scrub makes my nose peel!


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