The Great Day Spa Search: The Quest Begins

by Glenn Reynolds

Have you felt like a second-class spa client?

Or maybe you’ve found a great spa you’d like to shout about?

I’m looking to start a conversation about the best spas for men. These are not limited to those describing themselves as male spas. Hopefully this will encourage all spas to improve their services to men and we’ll all benefit!

I’ll endeavour to provide some reviews of spa experiences to encourage comments or reviews from you. I’d love to hear your stories. Although most of the reviews will be local to my city of Melbourne, I’d welcome information on spas further afield.

Experiences will range across all services from massage, body therapy, manicures, shaves, waxing etc. I’ll also be casting a spotlight on spas in different price categories, to find the best inexpensive ones as well. Most magazines seem to focus on the heavily advertised holiday/tourist spa market. It would be great to seek out the best local and inexpensive ones to return to on a regular basis.

Alongside reviews, I’ll post information and stories that I feel are relevant to the theme.

In the interests of independent reviewing, I’ve chosen to use the name Andrew. This is not my real name. Having said that, everything else that I post on this blog is authentic.


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Rose June 21, 2007 at 4:18 am

Hi Andrew! I’m so happy you have this site! You’re ahead of the curve on this topic because SpaDay, an spa trade publication made luring men into spas as their June 07 cover story. I’m going to give you a shout out in my blog.



Andrew Moorhouse June 21, 2007 at 10:26 am

Thanks for your kind words, Rose. Great to hear that more men are being encouraged through SpaDay!


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