A common male response

by Glenn Reynolds

I guess it’s inevitable that this topic will ‘arise’, as this blog is encouraging men to use spa services. I was prompted by another blog at The Land of Spa that I’ve just read, about client behaviour at spas. (It’s a great blog pointing out examples of bad behaviour by spa-goers).

If you’ve never been to a massage therapist before, you may ask yourself if you’ll have an arousal reaction to the massage treatment. This is quite a natural question, as all males will have experienced many unwanted or unexpected arousal reactions in the most public of places. I’ve noticed that as I get older, these reactions are less chaotic, but may still happen.

When it comes to the massage table, it is quite possible that a reaction may occur. Qualified therapists will have been trained to deal with this without undue attention and carry on with the therapy. In my year of training as a Swedish massage therapist, we talked through all of these issues on a professional level.

I found a great health professionals website that discusses this issue at length. They note that it is very common for both men and women to have an arousal reaction to therapeutic massage, but that a woman’s arousal is typically less visible. For the male, fear of such a reaction may prohibit them from seeking a therapeutic massage. A little education from the therapist may invite the client to participate without feeling such fear.

The final responsibility lies with the client, here, though, as any hint of inapppropriate sexual behaviour from that point on, should be dealt with swiftly and abruptly by the therapist. The session should be halted at that point, a clear statement of the inappropriate behaviour should be given by the therapist to the client, and the incident reported to management. The abovementioned website has quite clear, practical advice for therapists wishing to assess inappropriate sexual behaviour by the client.

So, go ahead and book in for a massage, or any other service, knowing that even if you have an arousal reaction on the table, your therapist should be able to negotiate the therapy in a professional manner. If you take it further, however, your session will be terminated swiftly.

Having said all this, on a personal level, I haven’t found massage to be arousing. I do have difficulty, sometimes, with the vichy showerheads, though! Same deal applies…

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Rose June 26, 2007 at 4:48 am

I’ve heard that’s one of the reasons men avoid massages. But the professionals know that for men it’s as natural as say, my dog Nelson drooling a puddle everyday when he’s about to be fed. Weird analogy? Isn’t that the nature of blogging? And other natural behaviors, for that matter.



Andrew June 26, 2007 at 10:42 am

Hi Rose,

Thanks for the chuckle!



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