5 Tips for Day Spa Virgins

by Glenn Reynolds

Thought I’d add some tips for those who are new to spa-ing, and maybe would like a few bits of info before they try it out.

1. Ask others for their favourite places to go.
Referrals from men and women are great for those who don’t know where to start. It can save a great deal of trial and error. Read any reviews on your choice, posted on this blog or online.

Don’t forget to come back here and leave comments on your experiences!

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for something different to the listed services.
Spas are usually able to offer alternative options to those listed. For instance, swapping one service for another in a package, or having a service go for a longer time than is standard.

Some spas need encouragement to offer their full list of services to men, such as body treatments or intimate waxing. Asking for alternatives may help a spa realise the potential that exists for extending their list and keeping clients happy.
If you don’t ask, it’s not available!

3. Book early, and show up early.
Spas are quite often fully booked, and may not be able to offer appointments at short notice. Also, some spas use casual therapists that need advance bookings and time to travel to the facility. Allow at least 24 hours notice for appointments to avoid disappointment. Ideally, book another appointment at the end of a session.

Turn up 15min before your appointment. Usually you’ll be asked to fill out a form with some general health information before your treatment can begin. Having a little time to relax in the lounge beforehand will enhance your experience.

4. Talk up on the table!
As a trained Swedish massage therapist, I’ve noticed that clients usually remain quiet during treatment. Maybe this has something to do with having your head in the hole of a massage table, but it is important to talk to your therapist.

As you can see in the Island review, I still have trouble with this one, myself!

Ask them any questions that you have about the procedures, provide feedback on massage pressure levels, or just let them know they are doing a great job :)
It will help them provide the best possible experience for you.

5. Go ahead and try something new.
Massage is a pretty standard treatment. Why not break up your routine with something different? You may be surprised how much you enjoy a facial, or body treatment, and choose to add that to your regular routine.

After a number of sessions at the one spa, maybe try a different place. Variety is important. You may end up having your waxing at one place, massage at another. That’s great.

What are your tips for new spa-goers?

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